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Tonight I'm tangled in my blanket of clouds..

I was in the ocean, swimming by two boats.
I got on one boat, and the other boat tried to ride after me.
I remember not knowing whether I was good or bad in my dream, either.
Anyway, I jumped on the other boat, and whenever I saw people in there, I'd summon rats and they'd eat the people.


Well I was talking to some guy on a headset I was wearing and told him to release poison outside of the boat, so it would kill everyone around it.
I went into a bathroom and found an oxygen tank, and went through a door on the side of the bathroom to get out.
I needed the oxygen tank so the poison wouldn't kill me.

When I landed, I was in a backyard, and the people I was trying to kill were everywhere, and I jumped the fences while killing them in some way.
I remembered being a part of their group once, and occasionally my old "Mentor" would speak to me through the little headset I was wearing. But I also saw him while he spoke.

I ended up with a Motorcycle somehow..? And I was in a desert by a gas station.
The people surrounded me, and the mentor guy told me there was no hope.

Then somehow I ended up in an apartment with an old man, a woman, some girl and a siamese cat.
I told the old man I had dne what he asked, and he said well done.

Then we all sat down and drank tea. It was stormy outside.

Then batman showed up outside, and he came to kill us.
So We all ran, but batman threw a fireball and blew up the apartment, killing the old man.
Everyone else jumped off the buring apartment building and ran across the street to the girls aunts house, who didn't like cats.
Batman was on top of the burning apartment building, and then flew away.

Then I ended up driving to the mall somehow, and I went to this weird gas station place next to it and bought a cookie and some reeces.
And the cookies were so good, I decided Zoë had to come and try them. So my Dad went and picked her up, and we went to buy the cookies, but it turned out they cost like $400, and I got them for a dollar because I had an apple discount card..?
But then my Dad came and bought the cookies for her, and then we went to the mall. And before we walked in, I woke up.


"Like our shadows, Our wishes lengthen as our sun declines"
--Edward Young
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