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Hokay, so.

I was in the arcade sitting on this bed with Franco. He was telling me how his ex-fiance was coming. In the middle of a storie, she knocked on the back door and Franco dropped his rings on the bed and asked me to pick them up while he went to go get her. It seemed like he dropped them on purpose. So I pick them up, one of them was the engagement ring. It looked really cool, and I remember liking it alot. So a wait a few minutes for them to get their hellos done and then I go up to him while she used the restroom or something and I was like "Here you go." And he kept telling me to hold on to them because he wanted the lady to know nothing about him proposing. So I just said "Okay." And I put the engagement ring on the finger engagement rings are supposed to go on and I just talked to Carl and Branden for a while waiting for Franco to ask for the ring back. While I was waiting, I had to pee really bad, so when I was leaving the arcade, Franco followed me, I didn't see him, but I knew he was there. I had to walk up this ramp thing to get to the bathroom and this Jamaican guy was laying on the floor, I thought he was just tired or something, but like two feet away from him was blood. Then I looked at the guy again and I saw a hole through his back. It freaked me out so I kinda ran/not ran back to the arcade, and I saw Franco to the left waiting for me, and then he chased after me telling me to slow down. Somehow I knew he went to the bathroom and I was like "That guy didn't freak you out?" And he's like "Eh, it happens." And on the way back to arcade, I saw that one other computer place thingy, and it FULL of t.v.s and shit.
I don't remember anything else.
But I've never seen dead people in my dreams.

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