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So I got married last night..

In dream world.
With Monkey Boy. It was really weird. We had to share this apartment with four other people and two kids. And the apartment was connected to his ex girlfriend's apartment and I went over and made her a glass of water while he was talking to her. And I kept rushing him to get an apartment for us to share, but this guy tried to make us complete these goals. ANd when he coulden't complete one because he didn't know about it, the guy shoved us in an elevatore, and we put on seat belts when we were sitting on the floor. And when we got out of the elevator, we went to the play ground and walked around pretending to look for other apartments to live in by ourselves.
It was odd.


And then, in my other dream. I went to the mall with Alex, and he wanted to hang out with Mary. And she kicked me in my leg, so I jumped on top of this cell phone place, but it was lower to the ground than usual.  And when I got back down, she punched me in the face, so I was really really mean to her. So I was trying to talk to Alex, and she was likie "What, I kinda didn't hear you?" And I was like "Doesn't matter because I wasn't even talking to you, bitch." And then she grabbed my arm and like... Pushed it against this chair really hard. So I got really pissed off, and I didn't want to hit her, so I went outside, telling someone to bring me my stuff. And I thought Alex would come out and talk to me, but he stayed in. And later on when I talked to him, he told me that Mary denied ever hitting me. And I got really mad, and I started to walk over to her to punch her, but Alex stopped me, and then I woke up.

But yeah.. Fun.

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