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Two dreams...

Last night I had two weird dreams.


One was conserning an old friend I've been thinking about lately because the same shit is happening again.

But anyways, I ended up at her house, and we went to her pool which was alot different, and there were two people laying on the ground on the outside of her. And I whispered to her "Great, people I won't like." And one of them turns around and said "Give it a chance" or something like that. And then some more people showed up and jumped in the pool. After that, one of the guys was like "Hey! Lets play some DDR!" And she had this awsome HUGE screen for it right next to the pool. And it was an old pad, but a foam one. SO I just sat there and watched and they kept asking me to play, but for some reason I really didn't want to. ANd I ended talking to the girl that was on the right of Courtney and she was really cool. So I just talked to her until I got up.


And in my second dream, Alex called me And asked me if I wanted to go somewhere with him, so his mom picked us up, and while we were at a stop light, about to turn left, they got into a fight. I guess I should mention there was lots of debris and stuff. Lots of construction on that road. So they got into a fight, and Alex grabbed his stuff and got out of the car with a sarcastic and rude thank you to his mom. And his mom turned around and was like "Well thanks for joining us on our ride to no where, Zoë." And after that Alex turned around, when he was about 20 feet away, and screamed to his little brother Joey, but instead of calling him Joey, he called him Robert, and he was like "Robert do me a favor and get out of the car." And Joey was all "sedjbfignOG" He didn't make any sense, but Alex walked over and got him out." I guess this whole time that light continued to stay red. And then they both just walked off. I didn't get a goodbye or anything. It was scary..


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