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I think I like Yoda too much..


So in this dream I was Darth Vader. I really need to lay off Star Wars X_X

Anyway, I was in a carpeted Hallway chasing Luke and he was in a speeder thingy, but Yoda came and scared me off.

The I took off my helmet and lo and behold.. it was me.

So my wife Cassie came with this Really hott blonde girl. And she says "Get me a glass of water" so I do. Then we watch some movies and they all left. Oh yeah I guess I should mention this is all at my grandparents house.

Well then I go through some door to this room that was in one of the houses that were for sale when we were buying a house. And Carl, Zoë, and Alex were there. We just sat there for a while and watched some movies. I don't know what, because I never saw the T.V. screen, my attention was focused on everyone else. I don't think there was even a T.V. in the room.

Well the lights went on and the T.V. that wasn't there turned off and some old lady walked in the room with a book. It had a huge chocolate chip cookie on the front, and the book was called Cookie.

So I said "That looks like a good book" and Alex says "Lets read it" So the old lady looks at it and says "Let us pray."

Then Carl and Zoë start praying some random shit, and I was like what the fuck?!

So Alex said something Really funny, I don't remember what, but the lady got offended and left. And I said "Actually I don't not like you anymore" and he said "Of course, we've been friends this whole time you just didn't know it."

Fucking crazy. I don't think We'll ever be friends. My dreams are really disturbing. Well the Dream interpreters are coming next week so I guess I'll figure all this out. Until then, any opinions?

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow."
--James Dean
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