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It was dark, 
10:09pm 08/10/2005
mood: tired

 And I was in the home in California.

 I went to the kitchen, and my Mom was talking on a cord phone, and she was sobbing.

I asked her what was wrong, and she said my sister had been in a horrible car accident.

I started crying too, and asked her if she survived, and she wouldn't tell me.

And I remember seeing visions of the accident while I was asking her if she lived. I don't remember the rest.

"Life is a foreign language; all men mispronounce it"--Christopher Morley


Tonight I'm tangled in my blanket of clouds.. 
12:37pm 08/10/2005
mood: weird

Dreaming AloudCollapse )


"Like our shadows, Our wishes lengthen as our sun declines"
--Edward Young

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Hokay, so. 
12:24pm 08/10/2005
mood: contemplative

I was in the arcade sitting on this bed with Franco. He was telling me how his ex-fiance was coming. In the middle of a storie, she knocked on the back door and Franco dropped his rings on the bed and asked me to pick them up while he went to go get her. It seemed like he dropped them on purpose. So I pick them up, one of them was the engagement ring. It looked really cool, and I remember liking it alot. So a wait a few minutes for them to get their hellos done and then I go up to him while she used the restroom or something and I was like "Here you go." And he kept telling me to hold on to them because he wanted the lady to know nothing about him proposing. So I just said "Okay." And I put the engagement ring on the finger engagement rings are supposed to go on and I just talked to Carl and Branden for a while waiting for Franco to ask for the ring back. While I was waiting, I had to pee really bad, so when I was leaving the arcade, Franco followed me, I didn't see him, but I knew he was there. I had to walk up this ramp thing to get to the bathroom and this Jamaican guy was laying on the floor, I thought he was just tired or something, but like two feet away from him was blood. Then I looked at the guy again and I saw a hole through his back. It freaked me out so I kinda ran/not ran back to the arcade, and I saw Franco to the left waiting for me, and then he chased after me telling me to slow down. Somehow I knew he went to the bathroom and I was like "That guy didn't freak you out?" And he's like "Eh, it happens." And on the way back to arcade, I saw that one other computer place thingy, and it FULL of t.v.s and shit.
I don't remember anything else.
But I've never seen dead people in my dreams.


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A Dream.. 
06:34pm 02/10/2005
mood: thoughtful
Edgar Allan Poe

In visions of the dark night
I have dreamed of joy departed-
But a waking dream of life and light
Hath left me broken-hearted.

Ah! what is not a dream by day
To him whose eyes are cast
On things around him with a ray
Turned back upon the past?

That holy dream- that holy dream,
While all the world were chiding,
Hath cheered me as a lovely beam
A lonely spirit guiding.

What though that light, thro' storm and night,
So trembled from afar-
What could there be more purely bright
In Truth's day-star?


So I had this dream. 
06:06pm 26/09/2005
  I was doing a type of meditation when you believe your clothes are armor.
Well I was taking off my armor, and I had this HUGE boots.
And I took everything off except my pants.
Then I layed down on this small cot in a plain room. There was a sheet on the bed, and a blanket folded at the end. I didn't use the blanket. And I just layed flat on my back.



I keep having dreams.. 
07:50pm 18/08/2005
mood: thoughtful
Of my mother and I.

I don't remember the details of them, but I always scream at her in the end.
Not all of them are like this, but the majority are.

And I remember waking up from a dream thinking I had cancer. And I even told myself I did.
That was weird O.o

"I think it is time to face yourself again. Then again, it is always time.."
-- Stonepeace

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So I got married last night.. 
01:09pm 01/08/2005
mood: contemplative

In dream world.
With Monkey Boy. It was really weird. We had to share this apartment with four other people and two kids. And the apartment was connected to his ex girlfriend's apartment and I went over and made her a glass of water while he was talking to her. And I kept rushing him to get an apartment for us to share, but this guy tried to make us complete these goals. ANd when he coulden't complete one because he didn't know about it, the guy shoved us in an elevatore, and we put on seat belts when we were sitting on the floor. And when we got out of the elevator, we went to the play ground and walked around pretending to look for other apartments to live in by ourselves.
It was odd.


And then, in my other dream. I went to the mall with Alex, and he wanted to hang out with Mary. And she kicked me in my leg, so I jumped on top of this cell phone place, but it was lower to the ground than usual.  And when I got back down, she punched me in the face, so I was really really mean to her. So I was trying to talk to Alex, and she was likie "What, I kinda didn't hear you?" And I was like "Doesn't matter because I wasn't even talking to you, bitch." And then she grabbed my arm and like... Pushed it against this chair really hard. So I got really pissed off, and I didn't want to hit her, so I went outside, telling someone to bring me my stuff. And I thought Alex would come out and talk to me, but he stayed in. And later on when I talked to him, he told me that Mary denied ever hitting me. And I got really mad, and I started to walk over to her to punch her, but Alex stopped me, and then I woke up.

But yeah.. Fun.


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So were in the car.. 
01:44pm 14/07/2005
mood: blah

Driving to some park place. My phone reang, and it was Alex. I kept it on speakerphone so everyone could hear. My mom was sitting up front and my dad was sitting to the left of me. For some reason the phone was behind the seats and on the platform thing. Alex said some stuff and then my mom asked how he liked his love or something and he said "like it is right now." and my mom laughed and was about to lecture him or something so he hung up. And for some reason I got really mad that he hung up. So when we got the park, I grabbed some jello and ran from my mom down the alley or something. Heather was on the other side, so she asked what was wrong while I putting my jacket in the car. And I told her to shut up and follow me.


And then I woke up.




Two dreams... 
01:16pm 09/07/2005
mood: blah

Last night I had two weird dreams.


One was conserning an old friend I've been thinking about lately because the same shit is happening again.

But anyways, I ended up at her house, and we went to her pool which was alot different, and there were two people laying on the ground on the outside of her. And I whispered to her "Great, people I won't like." And one of them turns around and said "Give it a chance" or something like that. And then some more people showed up and jumped in the pool. After that, one of the guys was like "Hey! Lets play some DDR!" And she had this awsome HUGE screen for it right next to the pool. And it was an old pad, but a foam one. SO I just sat there and watched and they kept asking me to play, but for some reason I really didn't want to. ANd I ended talking to the girl that was on the right of Courtney and she was really cool. So I just talked to her until I got up.


And in my second dream, Alex called me And asked me if I wanted to go somewhere with him, so his mom picked us up, and while we were at a stop light, about to turn left, they got into a fight. I guess I should mention there was lots of debris and stuff. Lots of construction on that road. So they got into a fight, and Alex grabbed his stuff and got out of the car with a sarcastic and rude thank you to his mom. And his mom turned around and was like "Well thanks for joining us on our ride to no where, Zoë." And after that Alex turned around, when he was about 20 feet away, and screamed to his little brother Joey, but instead of calling him Joey, he called him Robert, and he was like "Robert do me a favor and get out of the car." And Joey was all "sedjbfignOG" He didn't make any sense, but Alex walked over and got him out." I guess this whole time that light continued to stay red. And then they both just walked off. I didn't get a goodbye or anything. It was scary..




I've had a lot on my mind lately. 
12:03am 03/07/2005
mood: thoughtful
And I need to start posting in here more.

Because thinking so much has lead to some Interesting dreams.

Won’t you come and save me, save meCollapse )
"Dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask."
-- X-Files

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I was having dreams.. 
06:08am 02/07/2005
mood: weird

Of this person.

Who is a friend.

But the dreams didn't let me see them that way. And even in dreams that they weren't in, I was still thinking of them.

It was really weird. Because I didn't know what to make of it. I don't see them that way. Not that I know of. x_x


And in my other dream, Carl came home early from his trip because of a storm or something. And he told me he didn't even go in the water, which was weird because he was supposed to get a scubba diving license thing. And he told me and was like "Don't tell anyone though, they'll get in trouble!" And I got all worried because I thought they brainwashed him or something. xD


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07:10pm 22/06/2005
mood: content

I had this dream like The Sims.


A wife, husband, and a kid.

No one I know was involved in this dream, which was weird because usually, if not always, there is.


Anyways, so the wife was cheating on the husband, and he knew. So the husband adopted another child. And it was like The Sims because one of the house I have was the one they were in. And when the wife got home, and you clicked on the husband while in control of the wife, all it would say was "Abuse me."

It was quite odd. The only other parts I remembered were a couple slaps and stuff between the husband and wife. And the couch was powder blue. o_o



I think I like Yoda too much.. 
05:03pm 31/05/2005
mood: rejected

So in this dream I was Darth Vader. I really need to lay off Star Wars X_X

Anyway, I was in a carpeted Hallway chasing Luke and he was in a speeder thingy, but Yoda came and scared me off.

The I took off my helmet and lo and behold.. it was me.

So my wife Cassie came with this Really hott blonde girl. And she says "Get me a glass of water" so I do. Then we watch some movies and they all left. Oh yeah I guess I should mention this is all at my grandparents house.

Well then I go through some door to this room that was in one of the houses that were for sale when we were buying a house. And Carl, Zoë, and Alex were there. We just sat there for a while and watched some movies. I don't know what, because I never saw the T.V. screen, my attention was focused on everyone else. I don't think there was even a T.V. in the room.

Well the lights went on and the T.V. that wasn't there turned off and some old lady walked in the room with a book. It had a huge chocolate chip cookie on the front, and the book was called Cookie.

So I said "That looks like a good book" and Alex says "Lets read it" So the old lady looks at it and says "Let us pray."

Then Carl and Zoë start praying some random shit, and I was like what the fuck?!

So Alex said something Really funny, I don't remember what, but the lady got offended and left. And I said "Actually I don't not like you anymore" and he said "Of course, we've been friends this whole time you just didn't know it."

Fucking crazy. I don't think We'll ever be friends. My dreams are really disturbing. Well the Dream interpreters are coming next week so I guess I'll figure all this out. Until then, any opinions?

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow."
--James Dean


Dream 1. 
12:21pm 31/05/2005
mood: calm

I was sleeping, and someone kept knocking on my door saying my phone kept ringing, and when I looked at it, it didn't say I had any missed calls, so I went back to sleep and my dad kept knocking and saying someone kept calling.


Any ideas?



Friends Only ♥ 
08:14pm 18/05/2005
mood: Insightful

This community is friends only...

±Comment and tell us why we should add you. Maybe we don't think you're cool enough.

"I dream, therefore I exist."
--J. August Strindberg